Monday, April 20, 2009


As the title suggest.

Have handed in one paper. Am now struggling making portfolios for these films:

Yes, two of them. So if you mind, I must get out of the net and start putting on my creative cap!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US products and US bounds

*This was written by a good friend of mine, Emir Anuar. He post it up for a while and retracted it from his blog to protect his relationships with people. I for one, find that it is a shame for this not to be up on the net, and I trust people around me would be open minded enough to accept another person's point of view*

US products and US bounds

I heard and read a lot of students urging to boycott US and Israeli products.

And it amazed me that some US bound students urged the same thing too.

Shouldn't the first thing they do is to drop the scholarship? It would be a hypocracy if they don't. The TAXPAYERS money is being used to finance the education in US universities. And where the money goes? What happen to to the boycott? Didn't you guys realized that by going to the US, you are making the government pay MILLIONS of ringgit to the country you are urging to boycott?

Seriously, it doesn't make sense. If I am wrong, give justifications. So don't go or stop being a hypocrite.

At least those people buying Big Mac are using their own money and it is about 100000times cheaper than an education there.

Please don't criticize without any negations or justifications.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As for my personal view on this matter, I would say that I'm not against the idea of boycotting US products. I can really respect their cause, and see where they're coming from. But for a government sponsored student bound to the US to do such a thing - I have a great deal of 'APAKAH?' accepting that. I agree with Emir, that demonstrates a bit of hypocrisy.

I mean, it is obvious that these people, despite their beliefs, refuses to "drop the scholarship" because of their fear of loosing something important.

Ergo, my arguement is, if you yourself can relate to the fear of losing something out of this - You would actually be the person that'll be most empathethic of the situation that you yourself put the local McDonalds retailers into. Who by chance, could be a Malay Muslim as well.

The same goes to the Intel factory workers in Kulim, who now, are fearing for their jobs, and the incapability to provide their underprivileged family.

*I rarely...wait, NEVER post up anything political here, but this one caught my interest*

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Much Time In Hands Tonight.

Classes has ended. True, it has. No more class till the beginning of the new term this autumn, where I'll return as a final year student ("Already?" I know!). But that doesn't mean its all play and relax for me, as I have a horrendously massive amount of work to hand in on the 23rd of April and the 5th of May. Then it'll be independence from the 2nd year BA Film Video and Interactive Arts learning frame. I guess in a way, I have slightly less to worry about compared to my other classmates, as I'm pretty much finished with my year end film - Fragility. The public premiere of Fragility went well, I'm pretty convinced that a lot of people liked it (self re-assuring moment).

Sesi berbahasa Melayu bermula:

Aku tau aku akan bunyi seakan-akan riak, angkuh, dan bodoh-sombong. Tapi, kalau anda-anda berada di tempat kejadian, anda akan setuju, dan faham bila aku kata:

"Fragility ditayang bersama-sama filem-filem sampah!"

Jangan salah faham, aku tak perasan bagus, aku tau kelemahan-kelemahan filem aku. Dan ada beberapa filem rakan sekelas aku yang aku benar-benar tabik! Namun tidak terlampau jika aku kata 80% dari filem yang ditayang malam itu benar-benar memalukan aku sebagai rakan sekelas. Filem yang siapa-siapa dengan camera boleh buat. KATA belajar buat film? Aku malu, sebagai tukang compile filem-filem itu kedalam DVD aku malu. Fragility diatur untuk ditayang nombor 10 dari 20 filem. Maka, dalam 'perjalanan' ke filem aku itu, aku perasan, seorang demi seorang ahli audience blah sebab SAKIT mata. SAKIT mata melihat keJAHILan budak-budak yang ambil degree filem buat filem. Aku duduk dibelakang seorang ilmuan filem masa screening itu, Patrick Philips. Dari riak wajahnya, aku tau dia sedang sakit hati, merasa dirinya seolah-olah sedang membuang masa. Yang aku paling marah, dia BLAH sebaik-baik filem aku bermula. Bila aku berharap dapat mendengar feedback beliau tentang filem aku.

Namun tidak semua sampah, dibawah merupakan filem-filem yang aku boleh respect:

Indistinct - James Clear Tournas

The Horror of Hang Wood - David Paul Irons

Together Forever - Mikel C.G.

Dracula - David O'gara

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fragility - Web Premiere

So last night was the Big Screening of Fragility. It went all right, despite the fact that.. well..forget it.

So here's the Web Premiere of Fragility.

Enjoy! - Seriously, I demand you to!