Friday, August 14, 2009

Budget for Kiamu!!!

I have checked and confirmed on the equipments that I shall rent for my latest production:

Panasonic DVX102B 3CCD camera + tripod x1, 6days : RM150 x 4 = RM900
Arri 800W Tungsten Redheads x3, 4days : (RM40 x 3) x 4 =RM480
8' Panasonic Director's Screen RM50 x 4 = RM200

Manpower x 9 = RM50 X9 =RM450

Total: RM900 + RM480 + RM200 + RM450 = RM2030

Xtermasuk duit untuk makan minum crew lagi.. haih, sah aku pokai after production.

P/S: Kira DVX tu dapat murah gile tu, standard camera saja sehari RM300 beb.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sasputra new image: Gritty!

Well I've been working myself around a new production label for my films, I've been using SASPUTRA for a while now, The name is close to my heart but the image of the 3D logo spinning to face the screen is too safe, conventional, and tame.

I wanted something rough, something alternative, something that rhymes with rugged. So I've played around with what I could and came to this new image of SASPUTRA films:

Just as much as how bored I am with slow tracking shots, clean cut photography, 3D CGI stuff, colorful color scheme. This new production label complements it swell! The scruffy and unclean edges and the massive presence of noise reflects my soul as a young, revolting one. This version of black over white is the main one.

The alternate inverted version is for use in cases where and when necessary: especially for opening sequences, which usually is cast over black.

Kiamu!!! would be the first to be produced under this label. Which is why i think it's about time.

Kiamu!!!: The Short

Yes, I'm doing it. The hell with what people say, I am still friggin doing it! "Kiamu!!!: The Short" is now at the level of pre-production, and I am pretty sure a lot people would be happy it is, but not as many as the people who frowns upon the idea that I am actually planning to go with it.

I've been silent for a while, have been quite the busy bee these days. Mornings I am an under-appreciated intern who says no to nothing and nights I am a Director trying to convert his stories into MPEG-4

They keep telling me that what I'm doing is radical, and that its risky. I'm not doing any public demonstration or anything, I'm just telling the truth as I know. Telling the truth is far less radical than keeping it in a closet.