Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fragility Feedbacks, so far.

" The usage of space is very well thought of, and the camera movements compliments it well too. Personally likes the consistent usage of focus shift of the piece, and the constant cutting between the conversation itself and the conversation off screen with shots of the girl. Good use of music and sound. Notices the change of light on Liang's face, referring it as a continuity error. Not really a fan of the tv static usage, being the depiction (personally) of the dream sequence a point of view of Lydia's character - using tv static, a very technological and electronic thing to represent something biological like memories. Likes Ching Yee's performance and thinks she's a very capable actress"

David Heinemann, Lecturer

"Love the style of the cinematography, the representation of space through cinematography and continuity was brilliant, interested and hopes to work with Anwari for my final year project. I really like his style!"

Navarro Aydemir

"Disagrees with David's opinions about the usage of static, and believes that the usage of static represents 'disturbance' and compliments well the situation - disturbance in her memory - her forgeting him. Likes the look of the film, especially it's depth of field"

James Clear Tournas, fellow filmmaker

"Finds the cast to be rather good, charismatic in a way. Likes the significant difference of depth of field between the dream sequence and the real world"

David Paul Irons, fellow filmmaker

"The film looks promisingly professional, not very keen of the whole idea in which the past events are hocked into the audience by the means of dialogue. The film, being fairly experimental, might have utilize other ways to represent the past events, something more expressive ,perhaps with mise-en-scene or such. The dialogue in the beginning draws the audiences' interest away early in the film. Otherwise, the dream sequence is wicked!"

Nicole Wirth, film critic

"The editing is superb, also notices the continuity error with light on liang's face. Finds the dialogue scene to be a bit long and dragging"

Siti Noor Fateha, senior filmmaker

"Ching Yee's performance is great!"

Suraya Hani, Media Student

"The early handheld scene to be novice-ly shot, likes Liang's performance and is the only science student to watch it and interpret the dream sequence as a struggle for memory, and likes the dream sequence."

Afida Liyana, Petronas Scholar

"Likes the effects in the dream sequence! Nothing like the Malay trash films"

Emir Anuar, Physics Whiz

"Find the acting to be a little stiff, resulting the feeling of dragging-ness early into the film, almost cried towards the end, almost got a heart attack from the sudden neuron buzz and strikes"

Elly Azreen, Law Student

"The acting seems to be a little stiff, was irritated by the high pitched sound, couldn't relate the content to the title, and a few medical mistakes"

Farhan Wilson, Medical Student

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rough Cut for Fragility Ready

I'm writing this as I export the rough cut of Fragility. I just finished editing it. Not done 100% yet though, I'll call it a rough cut if anything. Personally, what I'm trying with Fragility is something I've never done before, and it is unlikely to be my 'kind' of film. I thought that it'll be challenging and fun. Plus, when else should I experiment if not while I study right? Well I think I did ok (I guess) considering how unfamiliar I am to this type of film-making.

Sound was a bitch to edit in this. Not only in the dream sequence, but the conversation/ normal-action ones too! All because of that annoying thing that goes off occasionally in the location we were shooting, I have quite a hefty amount of footage with my voice cussing to it. This thing I'm talking about is a malfunctioning security alarm that beeps every 3 to 5 minutes. And I tell you, loads of it managed to get into my footage. Some I managed to wipe out with post production, some I wasn't so able to.

The dream sequence requires me a lot of imagination to edit its sound. I don't know if I can be proud of it or not. But heck, I am kinda proud of it anyway.

So yeah, class premiere coming!!!
*Freaks Out and Faints*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fragility Premieres 23rd March

As the title suggest, 23rd for the class premiere and 30th for public premiere. Come to the public premiere guys! And see me embarrass myself in front of everyone!

Here's the promotional poster! Ching Yee looks good as the poster girl don't she?

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So I haven't been updating for a while. I thought that I might as well do now. So right now I am at a point of being hyped about my upcoming shoot. A short film for my graded final yeas assessment; Fragility. I don't know if some people might find the title cheesy or something, but I personally feel it's one of the best titles I've ever came up with. I always like the idea of having a short, dynamic, one-word title for my works. For me it's either one-word short or really long like exampled with: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. No, I haven't watched that yet if you have to ask. So down here is the rough edit of the first page of Fragility:


by Anwari Ashraf



BILLY and JIMMY are carrying and arranging a few boxes. They both stop about the same time. They stand there silent, awkward.


Yeah, Sure.

Billy walks into the kitchen.


LYDIA still lies on the bed. Still motionless, almost lifeless.


Billy and Jimmy sits at the opposite sides of the table, with cups of coffee in front of both. There is a moment of silence for a while.

Hey, listen. Thanks for coming down
to the hospital and back here for
all this. I really appreciate it.

No, please. It’s nothing.

They pause again.

So how long has it been?


Lydia, Coma.

Oh she’s no longer in her coma.
She’s awake. They call it PVS,
Persistent Vegetative State. It’s a
post- coma thing. She has awaken
from her coma, but there’s just
still no sign of awareness.

I see

The Doctor said that it’s 50 - 50.
In some cases, people with her
condition would just wake up
spontaneously one day. Others
just...But not her, I know she’ll
wake up one day.

So yeah, that's about it. Do tell me if anyone is interested to have a read of the whole script. Give me your email and I'll happily attach it; with hopes of criticism. Because I for one, find criticism to be a rather good thing to listen to. Although it does hurt at times, and I might bitch around about it for a while. But it makes me stop and think what I'm doing wrong.

I'm not trying to prolong this post by writing this, but recent events just made me feel like saying a few things about criticism.

I mean I know it can get harsh and rather dents you in the heart. But take it easily, don't bitch back. It's not their fault, they're just honest, some might just launch the harpoon because they feel intimidated. Or to reassure a non-secured self-know-it-all. But when these kind of things happens its no reason to back out and give in. Feeling down doesn't help you at all. Bitching it through Facebook status or notes can be annoying to other people. Take it in, swallow it up, digest it, and get rid tomorrow through your 'Morning Glory'

I know that I'm in a art-driven industry. And that subjectivity of opinions is rather common, but if someone doesn't like what I try to deliver, I really want to know why. Because it might be a thing that I might have looked over before. If its not, its always refreshing to know that I didn't succeed to please everyone. I rather go through that than get self-indulged with my known success and obliviously uninterested on my unknown failures.

So yeah, I'll stop here.