Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Junctions DVD-ing

So i finished editing the interactive project i was working on. Believe me this is without a doubt, one of my worse, narrative-wise, I would like to dis-own it. But knowing that I must, however submit something for my degree grading process, i figured that i dont have any other choice.

Editing Junctions:

Well I have been asked by many people - Apakah Interactive?

So I might as well explain it here.

interactive |ˌintərˈaktiv|
(of two people or things) influencing or having an effect on each other : fully sighted children in interactive play with others with defective vision.
• (of a computer or other electronic device) allowing a two-way flow of information between it and a user, responding to the user's input : interactive video.

meaning that the user (whoever is playing the DVD) has the power to make decisions for the character in the video. And that the video has various turns and junctions that the user is allowed to make decision for. Thus, re-enforcing the idea of 'The Death of the Author'

Now I'm working on the process of actually making it interactive, you know with menus and stuff. So this here is the background for the main menu:

The two boxes indicated with arrows are to be filled with text from the menu buttons, you know, like one you find in a DVD. The production design of this DVD is inspired fully from no one other than Fatin herself. Her habit of scribbling everything that passes her mind inspires me to create 'The Notebook" theme.

Interactive DVD-ing Junctions

The thing about this project is that i would LOVE to disown all of the narrative content, but still take credit for all the other production values (except the narrative.just re-emphasizing).

Talking about credits; Junctions also have the longest credit i have ever included in a video. And a montage I'm pretty proud of. I would love to include the montage in here but since it would ruin the element of surprise for some people, I wont.

The other day i was watching one of Kak Siti's video and then I realized that she crams all her thanks in all of her videos. So being a good fellow Astro scholar, i decided that I should do the same from now on, as it feels incredebly good to do so!

So here is the GOOD end credits (being interactive, they are two end credits)

So yeah, the only part that i like about "Junctions" is it's production value; Montage, Menus, Styles, Credits. I HATE the story!

I'll post more up (montage, clips, pics etc.) after I submit it to the lecturer, so until then, itu saja yea murid2? =)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday My, Dearest.

Look at the date. Today is mid December, that practically makes it, "Tengah bulan, hujung tahun", her exact words when i asked her birthday many years ago, back then we were just friends, not even close friends. But I always felt comfortable whenever i'm around/conversing with herl, she's like this close-female-batchmate I never had (knowing I'm from such a homoerotic institution, SAS). It always felt good talking to her, sharing things, bitching about others (don't give me the stink stare, we ALL do that) and we also help boost each other spirits up when SPM (Severe Pain in My ass) came close.

And then after a few turbulence(s) in our relationship, we gradually became fond of each other, and the result is nothing else but what you see now. The typical, heterosexual 'Wari & Fatin' stereotype.

Since then, she has been every single thing to me; lover, friend, sister, pillowtalk mate, saviour, arch enemy, shoulder, strengh, weakness, total pain in my neck and always there, she's the most there person I ever met.

She often thinks that she always troubles me, and that she is too dependant of me. But the way I see it, I'm the one who's actually the burden, I've done so many horrible things to her that I despise myself everytime I even think of it. But the great thing about her is that, she never really blame me for anything that I do, even when she does, time would erase it off her memory permanently (unlike myself, who is a dreadful kaki ungkit). She looks up upon me as this 'Great Guy' I am not, as she honestly put my flaws aside. So far aside that when I ask her what she don't like about me, she can't really answer. But if she asks me; I have this pretty lengthy list of such things. It's not because I'm a better person than her, its because of the absolute opposite.
And when we argue who loves who more (sentimentality alert!! sassians beware), I often try to argue that I'm the one who loves her more, but I was kidding no one but myself, as I know, I could'nt match up to her love. (jiwangness, harap maaf ya)

Just look at those cheeks, dont you just want to bite them off? (not that any of you can la (including myself k?) but still). I can bable about how she's this super cute girl for hours now, so i wish to stop here.......................................................

(Awkward pause)

(Bunyi Angin)


I always feel awful that since we've been together, I never actually had the chance to celebrate her birthday there, beside her. Which again, proves the point that unlike her, I'm not a very there person to her, then she is to me.

For your birthday my sweet, selfless, cute, loving, caring little angel, I wish nothing more but to be beside you, holding your hand, as you blow off 19 candles off your creamy, creamy little birthday cake. I will make my amends when my time here is done, when that happens, I'll make sure you'd be the happiest person on God's earth.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I love you my!


I Love You