Monday, December 14, 2009

Tengah Bulan, Hujung Tahun

It's the time of the year again, where any male blogreader of mine would probably vomit and regret ever following my blogs. It is a day I'd find myself hating being in London (among hundreds of other days). The date of the post might not say it cause I want this to be published as soon in the day as possible, Malaysian time.

It's 15th December 2009, The day Miss Fatin Humaizah turns 20 :)
Below is a little something that I have been holding off to do for quite a while,

The song illustrates perfectly how i feel - here without her. Sorry the chorus isn't written on screen like the verses. I tried having it on screen, but it seems to distract viewers from the "Humaizah Experience", how her smile is soo contagious!

Anyways this is what the chorus says:

When she's sear
The new year's here
And there is not a resolution
That I can't do
I see things clearly
When she's near me
When she's near me all the world is new.

And I do feel exactly that! That's why we need our 12 hours of Skype each day! :P

So on your birthday Sayang, I wish that everyone around you would spoil you for the day (you know I'd do that). Have a good one!

P/s: You what I'm gonna say :P


asx said...

if i still had a gf , i will do the same! =)

ariffdude said...

nice, sweet and beautiful. i like this.

duwhere89 said...

ya aula...sweetnye...hahaaha...teach me how 2 do that...huhuh

oh nada said...

ouh so sweet. fatin, i jealous ok!

zulhilmi said...

short and sweet clip!
i like it! :)